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Related post: 13 7 3 2 1 1 1 TOTAL 34 12 46 * September 1982, January 1983, and May 1983 Councils 11-5 D. Study of Priority Scores and Study Section Behavior In response to a request by NAAID Council, the Special Assistant to the Director, EAP, has monitored data relating to the scoring characteristics of the Division of Research Grants Study Sections that review approximately 84% of the research project applications assigned to the Institute (ALY, BM-1, BM-2 , EVR, 1MB, IMS MBC-1, MBC-2, TMP , VR) . By observing the distribution of priority scores (175 or better) since the January 1981 Council round, significant differences have been noted in the rating behavior of these ten review groups. Statistical tabular presentation of data shows, what appears to Diamox Sequel be, random fluctuations Diamox Sr of behavior, both vertically (Study Section to Study Section) and horizontally (Council to Council). The number of variables influencing scoring behavior are not known, but it can be assumed that these variables probably act in combination (s) as well as independently. The "easy" (+) and "hard" (-) raters were identified by determining the deviation from an NIAID mean approval rate for research project grant applications receiving a priority score less than, or equal to, 175. During the last three Council rounds, deviations from the NIAID mean ranged from +21 (MBC-2) to -23 (BM-2). The percentile system is a procedure for minimizing, or "normalizing", the inequities in scoring behavior exhibited among review groups. In determining the percentile ranking of an approved application, the priority scores of the current and two preceeding meetings of the Study Section is used as the base against which a priority score is compared. This is done for all of the approved applications, regardless of Institute assignment. A comparative analysis of the data has demonstrated the effect of priority score Diamox Cost versus percentile ranking on making Diamox Sequels funding decisions. This study has shown that approximately 90% of approved research applications with priority scores above the payline would be funded by either method. Therefore, only 10% of the fundable applications, or on the average twelve per round, fall into a zone near the payline where funding is dependent on the system used. Because of the variation in Study Section behavior percentile ranking would allow funding of applications with priority scores up to 30 points beyond the present payline. This process, as presented, does not recognize areas of programmatic Diamox 500 Mg interest or scientific potential and opportunity. 11-6 E. Research Manpower Development During the fiscal year, one hundred and sixty-seven (167) competing individual fellowship applications (F32's) were reviewed; support is budgeted for 54 fellows which results in an award rate of 32 percent, TABLE 3 Applications Reviewed and Awarded by Degree Total Reviewed Applications 167 100% Number Reviewed Applications by Degree M.D. Ph.D. Number Awarded Applications by by Degree M.D. Total Awarded 39 (4)' 23% 128 (3)* 77% Ph.D. Applications 9 (D* 45 (D* 54 5% 27% 32% * Senior Fellows (F33) in parenthesis Table 3 reveals that physicians received 17 percent (9 of 54) of all awards and, as Diamox Iv a group, had an award rate of 23 percent (9 of 39). Holders of the academic doctorate received 83 percent (45 of 54) of all awards, an award rate of 35 percent (45 of 128). Approximately one-fourth of the awards were to females who realized an award rate of 24 percent. Fellows will be trained in more than 40 different institutions located in 9 of the 10 DHHS regions. Table 4 is a Buy Diamox Online summary of individual fellowship Diamox Price support for new competing and continuation grants Diamox Online by extramural program area. Program Area lAIDP MIDP TABLE 4 Individual Fellowship Awards New Awards
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